The Foundation raises, manages, and allocates wide ranging resources to support and enhance the development of the recreational, scientific, environmental, educational and aesthetic elements of the award winning master plan for Chambers Creek Regional Park.


The Foundation will achieve our mission and actualize our vision guided by the following shared beliefs:

  • We welcome, encourage and foster community voice, participation, collaboration and partnership: a relationship grounded in integrity, flexibility, transparency and fiscal responsibility.


  • We revere the preservation and reclamation of natural resources for public education, access and benefit


  • While embracing a visionary strategy with sound tactical implementation, we are stewards for the environmental integrity, natural beauty and historic nature of the Chamber Creek Properties,


  • While honoring and valuing our working relationships, the Vision for this project – rooted in community and shared by all stakeholders – will drive future decisions and actions

What We've Achieved

  • Labyrinth

    In 2002, a 50-foot circular labyrinth was constructed on the property, designed for use by the public for walking, reflection and meditation, at a cost of $70,000, with assistance by the Chambers Creek Foundation. The City of University Place was one of the major contributors to the Labyrinth project.

    Memorial Trees

    A Memorial Tree Garden surrounds the area of the Labyrinth. It began as the Foundation’s way to recognize contributors to the Labyrinth. Several other families have now donated additional trees in memory of beloved friends and family. The ultimate goal is to provide a beautiful buffer between the Labyrinth and the University Place School District’s bus storage facility.

    Memorial or Honorary Benches

    Located at the North Meadow, the first of 25 memorial or honorary benches has found its home. It is a wonderful way for the community to share in personally donating a bench for some many people to enjoy.

    Hiking Trails

    Four miles of hiking trails have already been installed along the Grandview/64th Street neighborhood and Soundview Trail that skirts the ends of Chambers Bay. These trails will ultimately wind throughout the Properties with 10 miles of hiking paths and access to Puget Sound beaches.

    Spot of Shade

    On November 30, 2006, the Chambers Creek Foundation donated this completed project to the Chambers Creek Properties. The previously vacant piece of land on Grandview Trail between 53rd Street West and 56th Street West was developed as a plaza for gathering and resting along the Grandview Trail.

    Dog and Owner Water Fountains

    In six week’s time, the Foundation raised monies to install and maintain the first of several water fountains, uniquely designed to serve both pet owners and their pets walking the trails. Installation of the first fountain was completed in early summer 2004  and was dedicated at a ceremony in the Fall. The City of University Place provided in-kind support for the project by absorbing some maintenance and water supply costs.


    Trails Beautification Projects

    In Fall, 2007, inspired volunteers began a pilot project to clear invasive plants from the Chambers Bay hillside along the Grandview Trail. Over several weeks, numerous volunteers gathered to pull scotchbroom and cleared several hundred feet. With this success as their beginning, the Foundation continued coordinating larger efforts in 2008 and 2009.

    Eagle Scout Projects

    Eagle Scout candidates have completed, or are in the process of completing, numerous Eagle projects on the Property. The Foundation has chosen this way, and is looking for others, to (1) encourage community involvement in the Properties at every level; (2) identify low cost ways to obtain “amenities” for the Properties. One scout has built benches on which walkers may rest. Another has cleared the trailhead for the canyon trail. The goal is that hundreds of Eagle candidates will do projects in the area, and will be able to bring their own children back to “their” park and trail system.